Skilled MediationS

Roger D. Meade, Esq.



Arbitration and Mediation

Expeditious Resolutions




What We Do

Hear and decide collective bargaining disputes

Mediate and facilitate contract, workplace, and other disputes 

Serve the Greater Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. 

Additionally, as an FMCS Labor Arbitrator, serve the South West U.S. (Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas)

Who We Are

Roger D. Meade is a skilled professional Arbitrator and Mediator with more than 40 years of experience in Labor and Employment Law. He can effectively assit you in resolving a wide range of contract, work-place, and other disputes.


Columbia, MD

Dallas, TX

Areas of Practice

Grievance Arbitration

Dispute Resolution

  • Collecitive Bargaining
  • Contacts
  • Discipline/ Discharge
  • Employment
  • Health and Pension
  • Seniority
  • Wages and Benefits

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